open surfs

She Surfs: Monthly at 4th Block East  — date/time announced on socials

  • all levels

    Open Surfs are for surfers of all skill levels. Our hope is that experienced girls use this time to offer advice to any beginner surfers who seek it. Each Open Surf starts with a 15-minute skills-building clinic and Q&A — then, waves willing, we hit the water and do our thing. We bring the tent and music, you bring the good attitude.

  • all boards

    Most girls who come to our Open Surfs already have a board. No board? Come hang! You don't need to paddle out to make Wedgie friends. If you're itching to get out there, we suggest renting a board. Send us a DM if you want recs. 

  • all weather

    We surf rain, shine, wind, or hurricane. If the weather is truly treacherous, keep an eye on our socials for a location update!

open skates

She Rolls: Monthly — date/time/location announced on socials

  • all wheels

    You don't need to be a skateboarder to join our "She Rolls" skates. We welcome bladers, roller skaters, and other wheel users alike! The Wedgies love having a diverse team of rollers to learn from.

  • all levels

    These events are for skaters of all levels. We move at all speeds and meet up together in the middle of the course. You are never too slow or too wobbly.

  • all love

    We don't claim to be the best skaters ever. She Rolls are a great place to get to know each other outside of the water and to work on building new skills.

Full Moon Surfs

The Wedgies get together once every month to surf in the evening, under the full moon. The meetup is a great time to set a new intention or to just check in with yourself. We meet at our secret spot (DM us for the location), and yes, it’s as dreamy as it sounds.

Special Events

From clothing swaps to book club, ‘shes on edge’ is always cooking up new ways to get the Wedgies together. Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming events, hangs, and other gatherings. 

Club Membership

She Rolls Skates, Open Surfs, and Full Moon Surfs are always free! There is also no membership fee or formal club registration process to join ‘shes on edge’ — just come as you are!

🚨 safety disclaimer 🚨

All ‘shes on edge’ meetups are voluntary, therefore each individual should assess their comfort level and abilities prior to participating in any event. If you’re having doubts or are not 100% ready to join in (even if you’re already at the beach, standing with your toes in the water, holding a perfectly waxed board), trust your gut and make the decision that is best for you.

Those who do decide to participate in ‘shes on edge’ events (including surf, skate, and other miss-behavior) do so at their own discretion and assume all risks associated with each activity.